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Do you really want to know me? Okay, I am 27. I am 6'1" with blonde hair, blue eyes, and about 170 pounds. I'm not married...well, not anymore. We separated over a year ago until the marriage was officially ended in January 2005. Though I am not a supporter of divorce, it is something that has unfortunately taken place in my life. Efforting to move on, I now reside with my faithful and loving dog, Marshal Lonestar Powell (a black Great Dane), and my snake "Sly" (a Jungle Carpet Python). I am a life-long Christian, life-long sinner, and life-long recipient of God's merciful grace. Every day finds me learning more and more about my need and dependancy on Christ. Life is hard; I'd hate to live it without Him. I love to write poetry. For me, poetry is a capture and release of feelings, emotions, beliefs and desires. My favorite time to compose is at night. Why? I guess I like solitude one has in the dark. It's just me and the night mistress.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Marshal Lonestar Powell

Aren't I a handsome guy!?!
This is "Marshal Lonestar Powell." He's a pure-bred black Great Dane. His middle name is Lonestar since I got him in Texas. This picture shows him at about 5 months old and 80 pounds...however, at the time of this post, he is 9 months old and about 120 pounds. A BIG boy. His dad, "Diesel," weighs about 160 pounds so Marshal has a ways to go to catch up to pa-pa. I love this guy a lot. He's my close buddy, my guardian, my companion, my kid, and my "in" with cute girls when I take him for's the truth! For a big dog, he also has a good size brain...he can sit, stay, lay down, shake, fetch, heel, and jump on command. He's such a quick learner. I hope to put him through some advance training and possibly even guard dog training (he doesn't need much help with the last one though...he's already pretty protective of home and me). If you ever get a chance to see us, Marshal's sure to greet you with a lick and a paw!


Blogger Courtenay B. said...

Not really a posting for marshall but ...i love the line about the night and the moon being your night mistress.

February 27, 2005 at 7:26 PM  

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