Cries of a Lone Wolf

Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Do you really want to know me? Okay, I am 27. I am 6'1" with blonde hair, blue eyes, and about 170 pounds. I'm not married...well, not anymore. We separated over a year ago until the marriage was officially ended in January 2005. Though I am not a supporter of divorce, it is something that has unfortunately taken place in my life. Efforting to move on, I now reside with my faithful and loving dog, Marshal Lonestar Powell (a black Great Dane), and my snake "Sly" (a Jungle Carpet Python). I am a life-long Christian, life-long sinner, and life-long recipient of God's merciful grace. Every day finds me learning more and more about my need and dependancy on Christ. Life is hard; I'd hate to live it without Him. I love to write poetry. For me, poetry is a capture and release of feelings, emotions, beliefs and desires. My favorite time to compose is at night. Why? I guess I like solitude one has in the dark. It's just me and the night mistress.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

A poem I call "...But..."

"...But..." permeates suffocates stings clings
...But... frees sees renews removes
...But... weakens steepens toys destroys
...But... knows grows lives
Love...He gives

Nathan Powell

Hello, dear friends

Bonjour mes amis!

If it seems like we've lost each other over time...well, our paths have fortuitously crossed again. It is amazing where life finds us sometimes. I'm here in the Lone Star State, my family is in the Sunshine State, my best friend is in Japan, and my other friends are scattered here and there. Maybe this journal will help me "keep in touch." I miss you one and all.